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Between the Johns Podcast

Apr 25, 2020

Episode #27: #Quaranteaching: Maintaining a Safety Net

#Quaranteaching from the Trenches is a series of stories from educators’ about their experiences with remote learning during the Covid 19 Pandemic. These stories showcase the learning, hope, successes, and challenges that educators across the country are facing as they reinvent schooling for their kids.

Our guests today are Ashley McGrath, Laura Diaz, and Heidi West. They are kindergarten teachers in the Rowland Unified School District who are part of a Community of Practice of kindergarten teachers across the school district who are working together to lift the level of instruction.

Check out the resources below that were mentioned in the episode:

Video Playlist of Family Workshop: Supporting Kindergarten Readers and Writers at Home

Five Key Responsibilities - The School Principal as Leader: Guiding Schools to Better Teaching and Learning


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We are elementary school principals in Rowland Unified School District in Southern California. We have launched this podcast as part of our inquiry to learn, share and apply effective leadership practice.

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