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Between the Johns Podcast

Feb 26, 2019

Episode #11: Embracing Failure

In this episode, we talk about embracing failure. We all fail and we need to be comfortable with failing if we are going to get better in our work. As we think about and set big goals, how can embracing failure help us achieve the outcomes we desire?


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Dec 13, 2018

Episode #10: Failure Resumé and Stickiness

In this episode, we discuss the concepts of failure resumé stickiness. Some of the questions we explore are:  What can we learn from our failures? Why are some ideas stickier than others?


Resources Mentioned in E10

Oct 25, 2018

Episode #9: Dude, Where’s My Tribe?: Elevate Leadership Through Social Media PLNs

In this episode, we learn how educators across the country use social media PLNs to further their learning and practice. We discuss how these efforts elevate leadership for individuals and across school buildings.


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Oct 10, 2018

Episode #8: It’s All About Relationships

In this episode, we discuss why building relationships in schools is so important.


Show Rundown:

Aug 29, 2018

Episode #7: What Did You Learn This Summer - Part 2

In this episode, we share our summer highlights, discuss the opening of school, and we review our summer homework on researching tools for GTD (Getting Things Done).

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  • Narro is a a text to speech podcast app. Narro will take your...